Jaz in omembe mene v programih, forumih itd.

Malo “ego-triparska” objava, no, pa kaj potem. Kot že naslov pove gre pri vsej stvari za omembe mene v programih (jasno, ne v samih programih, ampak v dokumentaciji itd.), forumih, newsletterjih in tako naprej. K pisanju te objave pa me je napeljalo to, da sem včeraj ugotovil, da je bilo moje ime in link do mojega glavnega splošnega spletnega mesta dodan na stran od nekega programa (glej spodaj pod prvo točko) na spletnem mestu NirSoft z ogromno res koristnimi programi (tu imate še direktni link do strani z listo vseh), poleg tega pa dodajam tudi raznorazne omembe mene na forumih, newsletterjih itd., vse to skopirano sem iz raznih strani iz mojega spletnega mesta, katero pa je povezano izključno z računalništvom.

1. Kot prvo torej kot že zgoraj v uvodu omenjeno, se moje ime in link do mojega spletnega mesta nahaja na strani od programa ShellExView (glej spodaj pod “ShellExView is also available in other languages.“), to pa zato, ker sem si vzel čas in prevedel program iz angleščine v slovenčino.

Language         Translated By         Version
Slovenian         Tadej Peršič            1.19

NirSoft - ShellExView - Tadej-Persic - NirSoft-ShellExView-Tadej-Persic.png

Ko zdownloadate omenjeni “shexview_slovenian.zip” fajl morate samo “shexview_slo.ini” spremeniti v “shexview_lng.ini” in ga kopirati v direktorij, v katerem se nahaja sam program; ime .exe fajla pa je “shexview.exe”.

2. Nato kot drugo sledi omemba mene (in mojega psa – :) ) v fajlu z imenom “special.thanks.too.txt” (in še link do kopije na Sopci: specialthankstoo.txt) v .zip fajlu pyrlite.2008.01.13.zip, ki vsebuje nove t.i. “lite” verzije programov “eDexter in “DNSKong” (in za razliko od prejšnjih CLI) s spletnega mesta oz. od avtorja Pyrenean. Tule spodaj pa imate tekst iz “events-entryja” 21.02.2008 na strani events12.html, ki je bajdvej trenutno zadnja stran v tej “events” sekciji na mojem “PC domačem spletnem mestu.

Further, I am proudly announcing that the author of Pyrenean: http://pyrenean.com website and applications available there for download mentioned me (and my dog Ariel) in the “special.thanks.too.txt” file inside the latest “pyrlite-2008-01-13.zip” package (which contains the new “lite” versions of both, eDexter and DNSKong programs); I suppose that’s because of numerous e-mail that we have exchanged.

This program would not have been possible without the support of various influential people ( and fellow canines ) acting as beta testers, advisors, friends:

Special thanks to:
Tadej – For getting back in touch and setting

AG – Friend and tester
Ariel – Who looks healthy and friendly. Woof!

SB – Chief livestock guardian, canine programmer, foot warmer and CEO of Pyrenean.

Aja, omenjena programa pa sem tudi omenil tem mojem blogu (že dolgo tega nazaj) in sicer v tejle objavi, v kateri sem na dolgo in široko pisal o mojem lokalnem dvo-nivojskem (že pa štejem zraven še OpenDNS, pa so to celo trije nivoji) “DNS kešing sistemu”, kakor mu sam pravim. Mimogrede, to bjavo vam res toplo priporočam v branje.

3. Dalje je tu “entry” z datumom 30.12.2005 na strani events4.html, kjer več Arsianov piše o meni in mojem ukvarjanju s kompjuterjem (lahko bi se reklo tudi mučenjem kompjuterja) na forumu Ars OpenForum.

… the About the cache-files and closing the “firefox.exe” process with “EndTask” method: http://episteme.arstechnica.com/groupee/forums/…/m/571007496731 thread, which I urge you to read, since it has provoked an interesting replies in regard to me and my “screwing” the computer (the comments are well-meant); in particular user “molo“: wrote:

… He drives me nuts. Wink But his posts are kind of interesting, because he does stuff no one in their right mind would ever bother with.

… then the other user “blargh” continued:

I find his posts frustrating in a “Good lord, why did you even try to do that?” kind of way. But that frustration is more than balanced by the interesting discussions his questions lead into, really provoking some deeper thoughts about why things are done the way they are. Even when it turns out Windows is doing it the right way in the first place.

… then “crestfallen” replied:

shirker drives me nuts too. He “optimizes” the shit out of his computer, and for all the time he spends doing all that, I can’t imagine there would be much of a tangible benefit. On the other hand, the discussions can be interesting.

… further the next user “Sterling Ambivalence” had to say:

I love this dude! You’ve got to admire someone who is willing to go deep into his computer and bend it to his will. This thread is the reason I did a search on this forum for all of his posts, just to see what other crazy-ass things he has done to his system. It’s like the perverse respect one gives the guy who straps a rocket engine to his car, even though he’s likely going to wind up a smudge on a canyon wall. …

… and in the end “qst330” defended me with:

Molo – I think it is pretty obvious Shirker is a tinkerer.. I say keep it up. If he likes to solve problems this is actually healthy and good training and the way some people will learn. Didn’t you ever take anything apart to see how it works? I did and used to get my butt in a sling all the time. Such is the life of a geek/tinkerer. And Shirker is just as much geek/tinkerer as all of us. That is how you earn your card carrying reputation. By trial and error. … Cut him some slack folks – he contributes constantly and I see him learning and helping all the time. He also admits to mistakes when he learns.Some good humilty that is rare to sometimes find on Ars. I am glad he does what he does. Shirker – keep on keepin on.

Kot vidite, sem na “Ars OpenForum” forumu že kar poznan zaradi svojih številnih postov in predvsem zaradi mojih raznih recimo jim “teoretičnih vprašanj”; za več o tem glej tole objavo.

4. Potem je tu seveda še Clif Notes Newsletter in 15.1.2006 post na strani events5.html, medtem ko je raznim in številnim drugim omembam mene v Terry’s Computer Tips newsletterju (torej mojih e-mailov poslanih avtorju in potem objavljenih v samem newsletterju) posvečena skoraj celotna stran events10.html.

And finally, I proudly announce that my site was mentioned in the January 8, 2006 issue of ClifNotes Newsletter: http://freewarewiki.pbwiki.com/ClifNotesNewsletter060108, particularly below under the “FEEDBACK AND OTHER STUFF” section: http://freewarewiki.pbwiki.com/…#FEEDBACKANDOTHERSTUFF, so here it is:

From Ivan: I subscribed to your newslettter few weeks ago, and I must say thanks much for reviewing all these nice programs. You see, I am too somehow “obsessed” with trying new and new programs, however, mostly “non-setups”, i.e. those contained in a .zip archive (or yet better; single-executables), with no installation procedure required.

Yes and also, please visit the “sofware” section on my own home-site (of course, if you want to): http://users.volja.net/tayiper/software.html, but of course, optionally take a look at other pages too.

From Clif: Thanks Ivan. Very cool web site. You are a deep thinker.

For feedback from other people, see the “events2.html” page, the “7.4.2005″ entry.

Mimogrede, o obeh teh newsletterjih omenjih tu zgoraj sem pisal že v tejle objavi, kjer sem postal listo linkov do spletnih strani od mojih najljubših recimo temu “tech” newsletterjev.

5. In kot čisto zadnje še tekst s strani events2.html pod datumom 7.4.2005, kjer najprej objavim eno e-mail sporočilo (ki sem ga dobil od nekega “X tipa”) in pa spodaj še en PM na forumu na spletnem mestu CastleCops.

… I even got one very positive comment from one user, and well he of course exaggerated a bit. Because he sent this e-mail as anonymous (there was no e-mail address visible), I dared to post it here – and I really hope he don’t mind. This text below is almost all his e-mail, with two sentences omitted that contained a bit more personal info about the author, so here it is:

I “lurk” a lot and I have not seen a more interesting and personal web page in all the time I have been on the Internet.–My compliments to you for your efforts and creativity and the feeling you project in your site… Clapping–Clapping– Clapping…..

I am looking forward to using some of your information and tweeks………..I am not too experienced in computers but the information I read looks interesting…

Thank you for your site..

Oh and if I already mentioned responses to my site, here is what some user on CastleCops site sent me in a PM, nice, isn’t it??:

Good Work. There is a lot of information there some of which I had never seen before. I will be looking through it some more.

Spletno mesto “CastleCops” pa sem omenil tudi tejle objavi, kjer sem pisal o tem, da sem na recimo temu “tekmovanju” (po ENG “Contest”) za peto obletnico obstoja omenjenega spletnega mesta (član sem od februarja 2004) zadel t.i. “Premium Membership” in pa eno-letno licenco za nek varnostni program.

Pozdrave, Tadej

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