Moje življenje v zadnjem mesecu in pol

Oho, več kot mesec in pol je mimo od moje zadnje objave, v kateri sem obeležil obletnico oz. točneje, v kateri sem pisal o tem, da je imel ta blog takrat svoj 3. rojstni dan. Vseeno pa bom malo pogoljufal in jo objavil pod netočnim datumom (torej kot da sem jo objavil novembra, čeprav sem jo v resnici decembra), to pa zato, ker sem do sedaj čisto vsak mesec nekaj objavil in nočem, da bi ne bi bilo novembra 2009 spodaj v “Arhiv objav” meniju.

Torej, danes objavljam samo dva vnosa iz mojega PC spletnega mesta (gre za vnosa “31.10.2009″ in “05.08.2009″ na strani “events15.html“), katerih sem pisal o tem, kaj se mi je zadnje cajte dogajalo v življenju. Kot boste videli, gre v zadnjem času v glavnem za obiskovanje višje šole TŠC Kranj (klikni tale link za VSS pod-stran), ki me nekako najbolj zaposljuje in tudi obremenjuje, no, dodal pa sem tudi tisti vnos od avgusta, ki omenja moje poletno obiskovanje tečaja ECDL.


Once again I will write just a short “events-entry” since if I would want to mention all the things (worth mentioning, that is) that happened from the last update, be it interesting discussions on “Ars OpenForum” forum and elsewhere (and other such things), I would need to spend like half and hour or even more to collect all the links, format the text etc. And one of the reasons for me not having much time is that from 1st October onward I am attending Informatics at TSC Kranj: This is the first “official” computing-related education (beside that ECDL course that I was attending during the summer mentioned in the previous “events-entry” dated 05.08.2009) that I am getting so far in my whole life.

The only exception (that is, the exception in mentioning the things that happened from the last site’s update) will be the Case fan: blowing in or out in this situation: thread and its predecessor Help me to figure out which fan is the right one: that I created on “Ars OpenForum” forum, and “blog-entries” on my slovenian blog entitled Bah, racunalnik ne bo laufal na 1.68 GHz:, and the older one (a predecessor to the one above) entitled Moj racunalnik bo deloval s 400 MHz vec: I am mentioning these because they are all related to my “Athlon XP2000+” processor running at lower frequency (1.3 GHz instead of 1.7 GHz) than it is capable of, and my failed attempts to fix/correct this problem.


This time a very delayed “events-entry”. You see, in the mean time I was attending European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) computing classes (see “AGORA d.o.o. – Doma”: and “AGORA d.o.o. – Moduli”:, and therefore I haven’t got enough time to dedicate it to updating the website. Well and yes, I passed all the “modules” (the exam was on 22nd July 2009) with very good results. Namely, for four modules (of seven total) I got 100%, for one 98%, for one 95%, and for one 92%, while 75% was required for one to pass.

I won’t be even mentioning the website’s changes (honestly, there weren’t so many), but I will only mention two other computing-related things. One thing is that my currently used CPU is actually “AMD Athlon XP2000+” (and not “AMD Athlon XP” or even only the most basic and oldest “AMD Athlon” type), and the other is that I realized that I was run my processor at 400 MHz lower than I could. And that’s because the BIOS was set to 100 MHz Bus speed and 1.3 GHz CPU speed instead of 133 MHz Bus speed and 1.7 GHz CPU speed as it is capable of, for details please see the Help me to figure out my processor type!!: thread that opened on “Ars OpenForum” forum.


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